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Canada Greener Homes Grant

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Canada Greener Homes Grant for Solar Panels

UPDATE: February 12, 2024

As of today, the Federal Government has stopped accepting applications to the Canada Greener Homes Grant program.  This program was very valuable to our customers. The Federal Government’s update regarding the grant program can be located here. We are monitoring government updates and expect more information to become available in the upcoming weeks.

The Canada Greener Homes Grant of up to $5,000 for homeowners to make energy efficient improvements to their home, which includes the installation of solar panels, has been released. We have compiled all of the information relevant to solar panel installation for you below.

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is designed to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient, create new jobs across Canada for energy advisors, grow our domestic green supply chains and fight climate change.

The Federal Government released information about the Canada Greener Homes Grant stating Homeowners will be able to receive grants of up to $5,000 to make energy efficient retrofits to their primary residences, and up to $600 to help with the cost of home energy evaluations. Eligible home improvements and upgrades include replacing windows and doors… and purchasing renewable energy systems like solar panels.

There are up to 700,000 grants available nation-wide. Upon this press hitting the news, the National Resources Canada website crashed for hours! 2,000 new Energy Advisors are expected to be hired and trained over the upcoming months and we are already fielding calls from past customers and future customers regarding this grant. 700,000 grants may seem like plenty, but we are seeing a huge demand which will cause these grants to get snapped up quickly and delays in scheduling Energy Advisors. Don’t delay, start your application today .

If you’re contemplating energy saving upgrades, start your application process on the NRCan website, and contact us today for your Solar Assessment!

If you’re newly considering solar energy for your home, we have a great introductory video in our Blog, along with understanding some misconceptions about solar energy.

To apply for the grant and install solar panels, all you need to do is:

1. Book Your Solar Assessment

Solar Estimate

We provide a full analysis of your electrical consumption along with 3 options for solar panels to meet the needs of your home.

2. Register for the Greener Homes Grant

Greener Homes Grant

Upon registering, you will also set up an appointment with an Energy Advisor for your pre-retrofit evaluation. Be sure to let them know you want solar panels to be more energy efficient!

3. Secure Your Spot to Go Solar with Penfolds – Vancouver’s Premier Solar Installer

We take care of the rest! Our warranty protects your roof. Our experts take care of permitting and installation of your solar panels. And you get to watch the savings roll in on your solar monitoring app!

What we know so far about the Canada Greener Homes Grant for homeowners taking on energy saving renovations are outlined below:


  • The home receiving the improvement must be your primary residence, shown with driver’s license, government issued ID with address, or a utility bill
    • The primary residence must be at least 6 months old, from the date of occupancy by the first homeowner, and eligible for an EnerGuide evaluation
  • Proof of ownership must be shown with property tax bill number
  • Property types include:
    • Single and detached houses
    • Row housing
    • Townhomes
    • Mobile homes on a permanent foundation
    • Permanently moored floating homes
    • Mixed-use buildings
    • Small multi-unit residential building (up to three storey’s with a footprint of up to 600 square meters)

New builds or new homes are not eligible for the grant.

Homeowners must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete a pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation by a certified energy advisor
  • Complete at least one retrofit that is both eligible and recommended by their energy advisor in their report. Only homeowners who conduct at least one retrofit will be reimbursed
  • Provide and keep copies of all of their documents until March 31, 2028; and
  • Ensure that all products must be purchased in Canada. Online purchases are only eligible if they are ordered from an online distributor located in Canada.

Once homeowners have completed their retrofits, they can seek reimbursement for:

  1. Up to $5,000 total for the implementation of eligible retrofits done after December 1, 2020.
  2. Up to an additional $600 for the cost of their pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations. They will not be reimbursed for the pre-retrofit evaluation unless they continue through the full Greener Homes Grant process.

EnerGuide evaluations completed prior to December 1, 2020, are not eligible for reimbursement.

All mechanical and electrical systems, with the exception of thermostats, must be installed by a licensed and trained professional.

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