How many solar panels do I need to charge my electric car?

Solar Power Calculator

Solar panels on your rooftop come with many advantages for renewable energy and living a cleaner life — not to mention saving you money as you help the environment. One large and notable benefit from making a switch to solar energy in your residential home, besides reducing your hydro bill, is the source of clean energy to power your electric vehicles and hybrid cars.

With our handy electric vehicle solar panel calculator, you can calculate approximately how many solar panels you will need and how many times per day you will need to charge your electric car or hybrid car with a solar charger.

Simply enter in the make, year and model of your electric vehicle or hybrid-electric vehicle and then estimate approximately how many kilometers per year that vehicle travels. Our unique solar power calculator will determine the amount of panels and solar charges per day you will need to make your car 100% fueled by the solar power from your rooftop. Talk about saving money on gas, electricity and helping the environment!

See how much of a positive difference you can make to the environment and your wallet — we call it “riding on sunshine!”

To calculate how many panels you will need please follow these instructions:
1. Select Make, Year and Model;
2. Enter how many kilometers approximately you drive per year;
3. Hit Calculate button.

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Penfolds roofing and home-energy experts can install solar panels on your residence to provide you with a source of alternative energy with solar power for your day-to-day needs.

Even if you are unable to meet these targets for how many panels and charges per day you might need for your vehicle, the great news is that if you power your electric or hybrid car with your newly installed residential solar panels, you will still save money and energy because your car will still be partially powered by your solar-power system.

Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles are growing in popularity with each passing year, with the attractiveness of the Toyota Prius electric-hybrid car and the increasing demand for the Tesla electric vehicle as two examples of the blooming success of green power in our automobiles. Connect this popularity with the environmentally friendly culture of British Columbia, the increasing affordability of alternative energy driving down solar-panel costs and the desire to save on your monthly automobile expenses, and the decision to go solar becomes a no-brainer!

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