How many solar panels do I need to power my home?

Solar Power Calculator

Solar Power Calculator for Your Home

How much do solar panels cost?

How many solar panels do I need on my home?

These are the two most common questions we receive from customer who are considering renewable energy options. They are difficult questions to answer accurately without doing a proper analysis of your electricity consumption. Our Solar Power Calculator will get you started in the right direction to understanding typical costs for installing solar panels on your home.

Select your monthly hydro bill amount:
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We’ve created this guide to help you on your way to going solar while also understanding some of the costs involved and to roughly determine how many solar panels could be used to meet the electricity demands of your home. Our solar power calculator is based on approximate hydro bill amounts. When we create an estimate for you, we analyze many more details including your actual electricity consumption, positioning of your home, angle of your roof, any obstructions that may be near your home, and municipal permitting. Our free estimates can provide a much more comprehensive and accurate cost of solar panels for your home.

All you need to do is click on your month hydro bill amount, and we will provide you with rough estimates for costs involved with going solar,  the size of the solar panel system to meet your needs, and the savings you can expect from generating your own electricity.

The estimates provided are based on covering 100% of your household electricity consumption. When you contact us for a Free Estimate, we will include options to cover 30% and 50% of your hydro bill as well.

Our customers have had solar panels installed for multiple reasons. Many customers are focused on reducing or eliminating their hydro bills. Imagine freeing up hundreds of dollars each month! Other customers have solar panels installed to reduce their carbon footprint, as they have a great sense of commitment to the environment and future generations. Some customers install solar panels for the investment into assets that add value to their home. Studies have show that solar panels can increase the market value of homes by 4.1%*, and in a housing market like Vancouver, that’s a significant increase. Many customers also install solar panels to stabilize their electricity costs. With solar panels, you protect yourself against the increasing costs of electricity. We know that electricity costs will continue to rise each year. With our demand for electricity in BC due to adopting electric vehicles, heat pumps and other devices that increase our overall consumption of electricity, we will place pressure on hydro infrastructure that may struggle to keep pace with our consumption.


Please note, these information provided are rough estimates and many factors related to your home must be confirmed to provide accurate estimates. Contact us today for your Free Solar Assessment!

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