Renewable Energy for Agriculture

Solar Panels for Farms and Agriculture

Like many industries, agriculture faces high operating costs. Electricity, fuel, machinery, building maintenance and repairs are only a few of the many increasing costs on top of managing  environmental impact.

Solar panels are a capital investment adding infrastructure to farms with the intent of offsetting electricity costs in both the short-term and long-term. Our customers have experienced incredible results by adding solar panels to subsidize their operating costs and protect them from future electricity rate increases.

More importantly, many farms are family run businesses and the goal of setting up the business for future growth and longevity is important, especially when handing over the business to future generations. Managing long-term costs by implementing programs like the installation of solar panels, is necessary in todays environment to guarantee long-term success.

There are many Federal incentives from the Canadian Government for agriculture businesses who add solar power to their operations. In fact, in the first year of operation, you can have up to 50% of the solar costs covered!

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