Chicken Farm Goes Solar

Chicken Farm Goes Solar

Abbotsford Chicken Farm Goes Solar

A growing chicken farm in Abbotsford has turned to solar power to make their family business sustainable for decades to come!

The Friesen family are experienced farmers in the Lower Mainland and have been operating farms for 28 years. Rob’s parents, Everett and Emelie, started the family business in 1995.

The Family goes to great lengths making sure they pay attention to every detail including creek management, culvert replacements, composting, building upgrades and even rotational grazing. These all contribute to the ecology of the farm and their success in raising chickens. Rob and his wife Jenn want to continue with the vision his parents had for the farm and the commitment to hard work that built the farm to what it is today. Rob shows immense gratitude and thanks his parents for the opportunity to continue the farm and build on what they started. With considerations for the future of the farm and their family, they are developing an agricultural business that can continue to grow and provide for their family for generations to come. Their facility at Lakeview Farms has an annual production of 60 to 70 thousand chickens.

The solar installation at Lakeview Farms is a 123 kW solar system offsetting up to 111% of their electricity consumption. Not only will their electricity bill virtually be eliminated, it provides them room to expand their operations without impacting their electricity costs. Penfolds Roofing & Solar works with industry leading manufacturers, such as Solar Edge and Longi, to provide customers with high quality products that will outlast their 25 year warranties.

Not only does solar have a positive impact on this businesses reduction of hard costs, it significantly contributes towards reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. This 123 kW system is equivalent to saving over 53 metric tons of carbon dioxide. That’s the same amount of CO2 produced from burning nearly 6,000 gallons of gasoline!

As farmers, we care immensely about our land by nurturing and optimizing the use of every square meter. Reducing carbon footprints has become more important than ever to protect our environment due to the impact of unpredictable weather changes that creates dramatic swings in production from year to year. Doing our part to maintain clean air qualities for our families and our crops is important to the future of our businesses.

We’ve been helping all types of farms along their solar power journey. Whether it’s saving money by reducing your electricity bills, positively impacting the environment or future-proofing your business, contact us for your free estimate.

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