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With over 80 years experience installing roofs across the Lower Mainland, we are proud to offer high-efficiency solar panel installations to all our residential customers in addition to great financing options with VanCity’s Planet-Wise Renovation Solutions!

Are you new to solar and curious about rough estimates for the cost and how many solar panels may work for your home? Visit out Solar Calculator to get started. Would you like a more detailed estimate? Ask us for a Free Quote!

Solar energy is an infinitely renewable resource. Taking the power of the sun and converting it into electricity for your home is rewarding by reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your electricity bills.

We provide an end-to-end service of creating a renewable energy option that meets or exceeds the electricity demand of your household. We do this by analyzing 40 years worth of weather data, as well as your homes physical location related to any obstacles to maximize every square inch of your roof for solar electricity production.

We provide 3D models and heatmaps of your home with our Free Solar Estimates, along with different solar panel layouts based on your energy production requirements.

Eliminate your hydro bills and start saving today! Contact us for your Free Solar Estimate.

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