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Solar Panels in Vancouver

People think that Vancouver’s climate isn’t suitable for solar power, but the reality is that Vancouver has an ideal climate for generating solar electricity. Our long summer days offset the winter days. Also, our environment isn’t overly dusty and rain helps clean the solar panels, virtually eliminating any maintenance needed to keep the panels clean! Germany has heavily invested in solar power and is one of the world leaders when it comes to the number of solar panels installed. If you make a straight comparison between Berlin & Vancouver you will see we actually outperform their climate when it comes to Solar. Here is an image of what the comparison looks like:

solar panel comparison

Best of all, you can actually see how much energy your system is producing at any time! You will get an app for your smartphone, or you can view the info on your computer for free at any point in time! This will ensure that everything is working and that you are producing real energy for your home! Below is a live display showing the solar electricity produced from the solar panels on our head office. This dashboard is updated every 5 minutes.

Net Metering – No Batteries Needed

BC Hydro has one of the best net metering programs around. Any excess power you generate during peak sun hours is sent back onto the grid and recorded as a credit to your account. These credits are accumulated, especially in the Summer, and are slowly used at nighttime and during the Winter. Utilizing net metering provides you constant access to power when you need it, not just when the sun is shining brightly.

Installing Roof-top Solar Won’t Harm Your Roof

Penfolds is the only company to offer a lifetime warranty on your solar panel system AND the only company to warranty an existing roof where solar is being installed. All Penfolds’ warranties are backed by a funded managed warranty program and incorporates the Product Warranty and the Workmanship Warranty into a single peace of mind warranty.

The Payback is Immediate

The moment your Penfolds solar-panel energy system is installed on your roof, anywhere in Metro Vancouver, the value of your property increases, by an average of 4.1%. This equates to increasing the market value of the average home in Vancouver by over $65,000, which is often 2-3x the investment for your solar panel installation. Why? Because prospective buyers place a high value on installed solar knowing they won’t have to worry about Hydro bills.

A study was done for the US Department of Energy by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) in 2011 that shows a $5911 jump in home value per installed kW, an immediate payback of between 130 and 160% of the system cost, depending on the size of the solar panel system you choose.

Other studies show that homes with an installed solar energy system sell faster. So a Penfolds’ solar rooftop system will increase the value of your building significantly and make it easier to sell, whether residential or commercial. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Solar Panels are a Great Return on Investment

As a solid-state system with no moving parts, a Penfolds’ solar panel system is designed and tested to last for decades. Many solar panels installed in the 1950s are still pumping out power. However, solar panels do lose some efficiency over time, 0.5% per year, but not to worry, even after 40 years your panels should be producing at 80% efficiency.

Because your solar energy system will last so long, the value of the energy it produces over time makes it a great investment. A Penfolds’ solar panel system brings you a large and stable return on investment over 40 years, not including the jump in your home’s value. Recent studies indicate that having solar panels increases market value of homes by 4.1% compared to other similar homes without solar panels.

Peace of Mind to all Penfolds Roofing & Solar Projects

Funded Managed Warranty Program

Penfolds Roofing & Solar Inc., with over 80 years of service, already offers the most comprehensive warranty package available in the industry. Most of our products are custom manufactured by leading roofing shingle manufacturers under Private Label Agreements. This enables us to incorporate the Product warranty and the Workmanship Warranty into a single Peace of Mind Warranty for our entire range of products.

Funded Managed Warranty Program

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