With Government grants and flexible financing, there isn't a better time to convert your business to solar!

Commercial Solar Energy Benefits

Office space and warehouse space comes at a premium these days. We maximize every square inch towards being as productive and efficient as possible. When is the last time you considered making your roof a profitable and productive part of you business? The roof is often under-utilized space that businesses can use to decrease operating expenses and increase revenues for years to come.

Reduce Operating Costs with Solar Panels

Whether you are utilizing free cash or receiving low-rate financing, you will be able to cut out a significant portion of your yearly hydro bills by installing solar.

Lock-in Energy Rate

In most cases, the cost per kWh of electricity produced by your solar panel system over its lifetime is lower than the price you currently pay for incremental kWh’s from BC Hydro. With BC Hydro investing in major infrastructure, costs will be passed on to consumers with higher rates. Any small rate increase can make a huge impact on a businesses fixed expenses. By installing solar you will be able to lock in a rate for 40+ years into the future.

Improve your Triple Bottom Line

Installing solar is one of the most visible ways to decrease your carbon footprint and make an environmental statement to your customers and employees. We help you make the most of it by offering free real-time web monitoring of your energy production so you can share your sustainability achievements publicly.

Government Incentives for Vancouver Businesses with Solar Power

With supportive tax legislation for commercial solar systems you are able to write off 82% of the total cost of the system within the first 3 years. This puts dollars back in your pocket through upfront tax savings for your business. Also, unlike other capital investments, you pay no PST on a solar system.

Superior Systems

Not all solar systems are created equal. Penfolds uses the most advanced commercially viable components to build solar systems optimized for our Lower Mainland climate. Our systems have no moving parts and require very little maintenance over their 40+ year life, all while maximizing power production per dollar invested.

Trusted Experts

Whether or not you need to replace your roof at the time of installing solar, you can rest assured that Penfolds knows how to work on and around your roofing system without causing harm. We have over 75 years’ experience in the roofing business.

Best in-industry Warranties

Penfolds is the only company to offer a lifetime warranty on your solar system AND the only company to warranty an existing roof where solar is being installed. All Penfolds warranties are backed by a 3rd party insurance company giving you complete peace of mind.

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Peace of Mind to all Penfolds Roofing & Solar Projects

Funded Managed Warranty Program

Penfolds Roofing & Solar Inc., with over 80 years of service, already offers the most comprehensive warranty package available in the industry. Most of our products are custom manufactured by leading roofing shingle manufacturers under Private Label Agreements. This enables us to incorporate the Product warranty and the Workmanship Warranty into a single Peace of Mind Warranty for our entire range of products.

Funded Managed Warranty Program

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