Have you considered solar powering your home or business? Or maybe you recently started seeing more information about the technology, or maybe you noticed a neighbor who’s recently installed solar panels on their home. What’s holding you back? Once our customers better understood solar systems, they had concerns such as:

  • How does solar PV work?
  • Costs? Is there any return on investment?
  • Do I need to have batteries to store electricity?
  • Is the technology proven?
  • Is solar powering my home in BC worth while due to our dark winters?
  • Would installing solar panels effect my roof or warranty?

Just like electric vehicles, the costs of solar power installations have decreased drastically over the past few years, making it a viable, economic solution for our customers. Watch the video below for answers to these questions.


Our President, Shaun Mayhew, was interviewed by CTV Morning News and he describes how solar photovoltaic (solar PV) is different from solar thermal, as solar PV generates electricity to power your home without moving parts, rather than heating water for a steam powered turbine to generate electricity. Solar PV systems require less maintenance and repairs, and are overall much more economical for powering homes and provide a greater return on investment.

Thankfully, our cities rarely experience frequent or long-term outages, and therefore it’s more beneficial to take advantage of the BC Hydro Net Metering Program rather than to store electricity.  Plus, these large cell batteries are less environmentally friendly.

As we do see less sunlight in Vancouver winters, there is a slight reduction of electricity generated. This is drastically offset by the long Summer and Fall days, which generate an abundance of electricity through your solar system. This allows you to generate BC Hydro credits during the long Summer days, and these credits are applied to your BC Hydro bills throughout the winter.

“Use BC Hydro as your battery”.    –  Shaun Mayhew, President

As both a roofing company and a solar company, Penfolds makes sure your roof warranty will stay in tact and is installed correctly.  Our customers are environmentally conscious and many have moved towards electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint. Can you imagine how great it would be to offset the electrical consumption of your house AND your vehicle?

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