Common Misconceptions of Solar

Despite the numerous benefits, there are still skeptics when it comes to investing in solar power. There are many misconceptions about this renewable energy solution, and we’re happy to dispel some common myths.

Myth: Solar is expensive.
Not true. The cost of solar panels has decreased by 80% since 2008, making it an affordable option for clean energy. This significant drop in price has to do with a combination of improved technology and increased consumer demand.

Myth: The Greater Vancouver area is too rainy for solar
Not true. Solar panels only need one thing to generate electricity – daylight. Even in the winter when there are fewer hours of daylight and a lot of rain, there is still a sufficient amount to power the average home. Every minute of every day, solar produces power. You can also view our post about Vancouver’s weather for a more detailed explanation.

Myth: You need batteries to store solar power
Not true. Any excess power your panels generate is fed back to and stored on BC Hydro’s system through a free program called Net Metering. You have access to the power when you need it and are paid for any excess power you generate annually.

Myth: You need a roof with southern exposure
Not true. Due south is best however a due west roof will produce only 7% less power – a marginal difference.

Myth: Solar panels cause roof damage
Not true and in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In most cases, solar panels prevent against deterioration and protect your roof from harmful UV rays when installed correctly.

As long as your solar panels are installed by a professional, the benefits far outweigh the costs.  If you’re interested in exploring the economic and environmental benefits of rooftop solar panels, contact us for a free, no-obligation solar assessment of your home today.

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