Why Is Roofing Ventilation Important

It’s probably not something you think about often but ventilation in your roofing system is important and unique to every home. Factors such as climate and roof/ceiling designs all need to be considered when venting your roof.

Proper ventilation allows for consistent airflow through the underside of your roof which prevents, depending on the season, the buildup of heat, cold, and moisture under your roof.

In winter months, proper ventilation helps maintain a colder roof temperature and avoid ice dams created by melting snow. In addition, vent any moisture that results from the warmer, internal living space. Lack of ventilation can trap cold air causing moisture buildup, mould and mildew, damaging the roof and gutters.

In summer, a poorly ventilated roof can result in an extremely hot attic space and moisture build-up which can lead to a variety of problems including warped and damaged shingles. Too much heat over time can also prematurely deteriorate roofing materials.

Not only does a properly ventilated attic extend the life of your roof but it helps reduce energy costs. When the temperature increases outside, a properly vented roof allows heat to escape, thereby reducing the workload on fans and air conditioners used inside. Overall, reducing your energy consumption.

Properly ventilating a roof during installation is vital to protect against the problems caused by seasonal weather patterns.

Penfolds’ installation teams are fully trained and know what to look for to ensure your vents are operating efficiently. A properly ventilated roof can help avoid future, often costly, repairs later down the road.

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