As recently announced in this CBC article, due to popular demand, the Federal $5,000 Greener Homes Grant may be running out of funding sooner than expected.

If you are just discovering this $5,000 grant and are wondering what it is and how you qualify, here is a quick summary. You can also visit our details Greener Homes Grant Breakdown for more information. Essentially, the Canada Greener Homes Grant provides a grant up to $5,000 for homeowners to complete energy saving upgrades to their primary residence. This includes installing solar panels. 98% of Penfolds residential customers qualify for the $5,000 grant!

Natural Resources Canada, who oversees the Canada Greener Homes Grant, indicates they mat not accept grant applications after March 2024.

What does this mean for you? 

This means that you must complete your application for the Canada Greener Homes Grant as soon as possible to ensure you receive your $5,000 grant. If you are considering renovations that qualify for the $5,000 Greener Homes Grant, or if your renovations are underway and you haven’t yet applied, don’t wait any longer!

How could this effect your residential renovations?

If you don’t apply for your grant, you are missing out on FREE money. When it comes to installing solar panels, receiving the $5,000 can save up to 30% of your project costs! This is a better deal than many Black Friday sales and you don’t want this free money to pass you by.

If you’re committed to reducing your electricity bills and want to future-proof yourself against increasing electricity costs by installing solar panels, start your journey with Penfolds today! Our Technical Advisors can guide you through the application process, our engineers will handle all your permitting, and our expert installers will complete your project seamlessly!

If you’re new to understanding how solar power can work for your home, contact us today! We provide FREE Estimates and our Technical Advisors are happy to connect with you and look at the solar options that are best suited for your family.


Limited Funds Remain for Greener Homes Grant

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