You’ll Love Your Penfolds Solar Panel System

Solar is the most sustainable form of energy. Taking the power of the sun and converting it into electricity for your home is fun and very rewarding personally and financially.

Installation of solar panels is important and a big expense of the system. Penfolds Roofing & Solar, BC’s largest roofing company, will make sure your roof is never in harm, and as a vertically integrated solar provider, passes along the cost savings to you.

You’ve probably heard in the past that solar energy was up and coming, and that storing the energy with batteries can be expensive and problematic, that solar needed subsidies to be competitive, and that the payback period on solar panels was long.

That’s all changed. Vancouver’s solar revolution is here!

Penfolds Roofing - Solar RoofsA Penfolds rooftop solar power system has immediate payback, then makes you a lot of money, has no batteries, is fun to monitor, and will make you sleep better at night knowing that you are doing the right thing.

Vancouver is better for solar than you think— solar panels don’t just make economic sense, they give you a great return on investment.

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We will give you a call to ask a few questions, and our initial assessment can usually be done with satellite imagery and our advanced software. Don’t wait, now is the time for solar.

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