A Roofing System To Match Any Application And Budget

There are a number of roofing systems that can be utilized for just about any type of application. One factor affecting the choice of roofing is the weather. The West Coast generally has an average of 166 days per year of measurable rain. Though keeping rain out is a major priority there are other considerations as protecting against cold, wind, snow and sunlight. We have 6 options of roofing system available depending on the roofing system application.

EcoRoof® Rubber Shakes Roofing Systems

This is a perfect roofing system choice to replace cedar shake roofing. Rubber shakes are also an environmentally friendly roofing system made from recycled car tires. This type of roofing material helps to keep car tires out of landfills. Roofing Systems like this are also a great replacement for asphalt shingles. EcoRoof® Rubber Shakes comes with a 50 year warranty.

Old Growth Cedar Shakes Roofing Systems

This is a striking roofing system made from cedar. It’s a basic shingle style roofing system where the shingles are made from cedar lumber. Shingles can be split to any desired thickness. All shingles are all edge grain cedar and contain no knots or flat grain. Penfolds guarantees the best quality of cedar shake roofing system. Cedar shake roofing has a 30 year warranty.

CedarTwin® Fiberglass Shingles Roofing Systems

For an alternative roofing system to cedar shakes you can choose fibreglass shingles. This is a roofing product that delivers the appearance of cedar at a fraction of the cost of cedar. Fibreglass shingles have a class A fire rating, they resist rot, and are great at resisting warping and curling.

CedarTwin® Ultra Rubberized Roofing Systems

The rubberized roofing system is also a great alternative to cedar shake. It is extremely robust and lasts a very long time. If you are looking to replace asphalt shingles this is an excellent alternative. Their profile gives them the look of texture and adds a strong curb appeal at a more reasonable price.

Ziplok Metal Roofing Systems

This is our famous metal roofing system and is the more popular choice. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty. Over the life of your home, a metal roofing system will probably be the most economical roof. Metal roofing is not plagued by the same problems as other materials. It also reflects 70% of the sun’s energy meaning less heat retention during summer.

PenMax® Flat Roofing System

If you are looking for the perfect roofing system for a flat roof then our very own PenMax® Flat Roofing system is the ideal solution. Over the years we’ve perfected our membrane roofing system. We’ve asked it ourselves, but why would anyone build a flat roof in Vancouver? But they do exist and we have the roofing system to keep the water out. Our “seamless” roofing systems form a complete membrane that keeps the water out.

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