What are metal roofing shingles?

Metal roofing has long been used around the world as a standard roofing material. Typically metal roofing shingles are corrugated galvanize steel or coated with some type of material such as paint. Corrugated means the metal is shaped into alternating grooves and ridges.

Metal roofing has some very distinct advantages compared to other roofing systems like asphalt, clay, wood or slate. When you look at the life of your home a metal roofing system is most likely the most economical roofing material.

The durability of metal roofing shingles is incredible compared to other shingles. Even the lowest grade of metal roofing will last twice as long as asphalt roofing. Special coatings such as a zinc and aluminum alloy are usually applied to the roofing material. These coating can extend the life of the metal roofing 100+ years. Our metal roofing system, ZipLok Metal Roofing™, is backed with a Lifetime Warranty – it’s likely the only roof you’ll need.

Metal Roofing and the Elements

Because of the properties of metal roofing, it is a great shingle choice in areas that:

  • are heavily forested
  • receive regular snowfall
  • experience windy weather
  • are prone to hail

Metal roofs are not susceptible to moss and algae so you’ll never have to be concerned about repairing a roof because of damage from moss. Even shallow angle metal roofs shed snow very easily. Fresh and lighter weight snow does collect but after the temperature rises only a few degrees, the snow will slide right off.

Your roofs heat retention is minimized because metal reflects up to 70% of the sun’s energy. Metal roofs are far more energy efficient roofing material than others. Our ZipLok Metal Roofing™ utilizes concealed fasteners for an enhanced look and is coated with a modified-polyvinyl coating that comes in 8 colours. The roofing system utilizes expansion joints to allow the panels to expand and contract. Your metal roof is non-combustible and fully walkable – it’s the ideal replacement for low slope roofs.

When you invest in a metal roof you’re investing in a product that is cost effective and can stand up against even extreme weather. Roofs using metal are long lasting, reliable and very easy to maintain. In many cases, a metal roof increases the value of your home.

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