Some homeowners love working around the house, and DIY projects can be fun while providing a certain degree of satisfaction… not to mention the savings of not hiring a professional. While there are many home projects that are safe to tackle, repairing or replacing your roof isn’t one of them. There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t go the DIY route with a roofing project.

1 – It’s Dangerous

The typical homeowner doesn’t spend much time on their roof. The danger of climbing up a ladder to extreme heights is usually deterrent enough; however, consider this while using power tools on a sloped surface. This poses serious safety hazards. There is a reason Time Magazine listed roofing in the Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs. If you don’t have the right training, it’s best to leave the job to professionals, so you don’t risk injury. Working with the experts at Penfolds ensures the safety of you and your family.

2 – Voided Warranties

Warranty coverage is essential for all major home renovations and most roofing products come with warranties that cover manufacturing defects and labour. Typically any warranty that might be available is instantly voided if someone other than a qualified roofing professional performs the work. Penfolds has the most extensive warranty packages in the industry. Exclusive to all Penfolds’ customers is a lifetime warranty on all our own manufactured roofing products and accessories. Material and labour are covered in-house, meaning everything is warrantied by Penfolds and not a third-party manufacturer. Plus, all warranties are fully transferrable and insured with a captive insurance company for added consumer protection.

3 – Cost Considerations

You might think that going the DIY route for your roof may save you money, but that’s not usually the case. Not only can voided warranties be costly if you have issues down the road, but if something goes wrong during the project or someone gets hurt, the costs might be astronomical. Most professional roofing contractors carry liability, work safe and job insurance, which protects you and your home during installation. DIY’ing your roofing project could cost you more than just the materials, especially if someone gets hurt or something gets damaged during the project.

4 – The Finished Product

Your roof must be installed properly to ensure your belongings and family are safe, warm and dry. Any compromises to materials and/or installation could result in a leaky roof or worse, water damage, mould and rot. All could compromise the structural integrity of your roofing system, leaving you unprotected and vulnerable. As an experienced roofing company, we have the necessary training and equipment to ensure flawless roof repairs and replacements.

Also, you want your home to look beautiful in the end. Properly aligning shingles isn’t as easy as it seems. Applying any roofing products incorrectly could result in crooked shingles and a mismatched patchwork effect, affecting your home’s curb appeal and potentially decreasing the resale value. Our installation teams have undergone hours of training to ensure a quality installation that looks great and will last.

Attempting to install or repair your roof can be hazardous and costly. Not only does Penfolds have the knowledge and skill to get the job done right, but we also have the necessary professionals, tools and experience to tackle any challenges your roof may pose.

Repairing or re-roofing your home is a job that is better left to the professionals. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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