• ‘Cleanup was Meticulous’

    “The old roof was removed and the new replaced very efficiently and rapidly by a skilled team. Cleanup was meticulous and we are very pleased with the final appearance of the roof — to which they have applied an approved warranty.”
    Recent Customer Abbotsford
  • ‘Replaced on the Same Day’

    “I was about to install vent piping and I noticed the through roof rubber boot was damaged, I called Penfolds as this boot was installed less than 2 years ago with the new roof. They dispatched a repairman and replaced it the same day! Now that’s what I call service!”
    Richard Burbidge
  • ‘Great Product, Great Warranty, Great Workmanship’

    “Penfold was very professional. They cleaned the site daily they had a huge crew so the work was completed on time and to a high standard. We love the product. Love the warranty. Love the workmanship.”
    Dr. Gueldner Clearbrook Chiropractic Clinic
  • ‘Very Careful & Respectful’

    “We had Penfolds replace the roof on our 58 unit co-op, they were very agreeable to changes we made, the staff were very polite and respectful of our members, they cleaned up and took away all debris, were very careful of members gardens and flower beds.”
    Judy Patka
  • ‘Proficient & Professional’

    “All of the staff and workers from the salesperson to the leak-fixers, to the installers were proficient in their work and very professional. They were careful around my property and cleaned up my yard beautifully. It’s like they had never been at my house and had just waved a wand. I’m so happy!”
    Jim Diana North Vancouver, Recent Client

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