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Solar technologies are becoming more and more efficient. Modern solar panels are excellent at harnessing energy from the sun and converting it into electricity to power your home or business.

There are many reasons why people today consider this renewable energy source – the most common are wanting to protect the environment and/or reducing or eliminating their electricity bills.

It’s no secret that solar power is the cleanest, most abundant form of renewable energy and has no negative impacts on the environment. Installing rooftop solar panels will help make your home carbon neutral once you start producing your own green energy.

Solar panel costs and the cost of installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system has dropped 80% since 2008, making it a much more affordable option. The moment a Penfolds’ solar energy system is installed, your home value increases and you begin saving money on your electricity bills. BC Hydro’s net metering program allows you to return any excess power to the grid and receive payment for electrical energy you don’t use. Your payback period will depend on the cost of the system you choose, your energy consumption and the current electricity rates.

Whether your motivation for going solar is economic or environmental, harnessing the power of the sun is the cleanest, safest and most renewable choice.

Penfolds specializes in residential, commercial, and agriculture/farm solar panel installations. As one of the most trusted and experienced solar companies in British Columbia, we’re ready to help you harness the power of the sun.

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