EcoRoof Rubber Shakes: Replacing Cedar Shingles with a Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Product

After nearly 25 years, it was time for the owner to replace the original roof on their house, garage and pool cabana. They spoke to our Technical Advisor about their project to replace the original cedar shake roof. Replacing the roof with a natural wood cedar shake seemed like the natural solution, but they considered other products like EcoRoof rubber shakes.

Leading up to their search for the perfect product, they happened to pass a neighbors house during an evening walk. Their neighbor recently completed re-roofing their home with EcoRoof rubber shakes and the couple immediately fell in love with the aesthetic look of the product. They knew this was the product for them.

Other important factors validating their decision was the greater life expectancy of the EcoRoof product and it’s superior quality. Not to mention, it was similarly priced compared to the cedar shakes, which made their decision even easier.

This family loves their outdoor space and their gardens, which are spread all around the house and are beautifully manicured. Our teams had to take many precautions to ensure the plants and landscaping were well protected during removal of the old cedar shakes. We installed lean-to’s over all of the gardens and thoroughly protected the plants. 

The owners were extremely happy with the finished product, and how their gardens were safe and unscathed, and they were extremely pleased with the clean up process to ensure all debris was removed. They look forward to many more years with their low maintenance, algae resistant EcoRoof.

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Funded Managed Warranty Program

Penfolds Roofing & Solar Inc., with over 80 years of service, already offers the most comprehensive warranty package available in the industry. Most of our products are custom manufactured by leading roofing shingle manufacturers under Private Label Agreements. This enables us to incorporate the Product warranty and the Workmanship Warranty into a single Peace of Mind Warranty for our entire range of products.

Funded Managed Warranty Program

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