Maintaining A Healthy Roof

Spending a little bit of time and money on regular roof maintenance can save a lot of time and money if you catch potential problems early.

Check for signs of damage – walk around your house and look at your roof for any sags and missing or damaged shingles. Inside your home, look for signs of water seepage such as bubbling paint, stains on your ceiling, or mouldy ceilings.

Trim back branches – keep an eye out for trees that grow near your home. Trim back or remove any branches that get too close to your home.

General cleaning – remove moss, falling leaves and debris that can collect on your roof; these can retain moisture and start to rot, compromising your roof’s integrity.

Regularly clean out gutters – check that all the gutters and valleys are cleared of any leaf debris or deposits. After any storms, check to make sure the gutters continue to flow properly. Any water that accumulates can easily make its way underneath your roof structure.

Maintain your chimney – keep an eye out for any cracked or missing mortar on your chimney; if any bricks fall out they could cause damage to your roof.

Regular Inspections – it’s recommended that a professional inspect your roof annually. Sometimes problems that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye can exist.

When it’s time to replace your roof – make sure to get at least three quotes so you can determine the best combination of quality and price. Think long-term and not cheap when choosing a roofing company and it’ll save you a lot of repair costs

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