If you are considering hiring a contractor, roofing or otherwise, to perform work on your home, business or commercial property, it’s crucial that you select a company that has the appropriate insurance coverage in case something goes wrong (knock on wood).

Installing or repairing a roofing system for residential and commercial properties brings a certain amount of risk, to both the installation team and property owner.

Insurance in the Roofing & Solar Industry is available in three (3) forms;

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is imperative to cover any expenses related to third-party injuries and/or property damages. Not only that, insurance for roofing contractors is a requirement under Canadian Law.


If contractors do not have their own WCB coverage, you may be required to provide it for them. This means if they get hurt on the job, you may be liable.

Job Insurance
The warranty your contractor offers you your project is important. If anything goes wrong in the future, make sure it’s covered. And if the warranty is insured, that offers you extra peace of mind.

If the contractor you’re dealing with can’t provide proof of insurance, it puts you at risk. DO NOT hire them.

Promises of cheap rates, fast labour and even no taxes can be tempting… but in British Columbia, a province with the most expensive homes in the country, cutting corners on a roof can mean financial disaster. Cheaper usually doesn’t mean better.

Penfolds Roofing & Solar is fully licensed and insured for your protection, and we stand behind our work. Our services include:

  • Home/Residential
  • New Roofs and Roof Repair
  • Asphalt & Flat Roof Installations
  • Metal & Rubber Roof Installations
  • Cedar Roof Conversions
  • Skylight Installation
  • Solar Installation
  • Commercial and Multi-Unit Contracts

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