Many customers have been asking about the Canada Greener Homes Grant. If you are asking any of the questions below, you’ve come to the right place!

• Do I qualify for the full $5,000 Grant?

• How do I qualify for the Grant? And how do I apply for the Canada Greener Homes Grant?

• Do solar panels qualify for the Greener Homes Grant?

• What is the Energy Advisor and how do I book an Energy Advisor?


In case you missed the June 8th segment on Global BC News, you can watch the segment below outlining some of the details about the Greener Homes Grant. Our President, Shaun Mayhew, along with our solar installation team was featured on this segment and provided some great insights for homeowners, including the fact that an investment of approximately $13,000 into solar panels will allow you to qualify for the full $5,000 grant. That’s nearly a 40% savings!

For answers to all your questions about the Greener Homes Grant, visit our Greener Homes Grant page to learn everything about how this grant applies to solar panels!

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