What is a steel roofing shingle?

Steel roofing is used around the world as a roofing solution for a long time. Generally speaking, steel roofing is corrugated galvanize shingles that are sometimes coated with material such as paint. Corrugated steel alternating grooves and ridges incorporated into it which adds rigidity and strength to the sheets of steel roofing. To galvanize metal means to coat the steel with a protective layer of zinc.

Steel roofing comes with some distinct advantages when compared with roofing materials like clay, slate, wood, or asphalt shingles. Metal or steel roofing solutions are likely the most efficient and economical roofing material you can use because of their durability.

Compared to other roofing shingles, the durability of steel roofing is far better. Even if you use a lower grade of steel roofing, it can last twice as long as roofing like asphalt. The galvanized coating extends the life of steel roofing for over a hundred years. Couple this with painting your roof and you have roof that can out survive the house. Penfolds Roofing offers you a unique steel roofing system called ZipLok Steel Roofing™. It is backed with a Lifetime Warranty and will likely the only roof you’ll ever need.

Steel Roofing and the Elements

Galvanize steel roofing it is a great choice of roofing when used in areas that:

  • are heavily forested
  • have seasonal snowfall
  • have lots of windy weather
  • experience hail

With Steel roofs you never have to worry about repairing damage caused by moss or algae. If you have a shallow pitch, say even 1:12, steel roofing sheds snow easily. Fresh and lighter weight snow will collect but as the temperature increases the snow slides off.

Steel roofing doesn’t retain as much heat because steel reflects up to 70% of the sun’s energy. This makes steel roofs far more energy efficient as a roofing material. Our ZipLok Steel Roofing™ uses hidden fasteners that enhanced the overall look and the system is coated with a modified-polyvinyl coating with 8 colour choices. The ZipLok Steel Roofing™ system has expansion joints that allow the steel panels to expand and contract throughout the year. Steel roofs are non-combustible and you can fully walk on them –the ideal replacement for low slope roofs.

Investing in steel roofing means you are investing in a cost effective product that will stand up to even the most extreme weather. Steel roofs are longer lasting, more reliable and extremely easy to maintain.

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