Penfolds Roofing Company President - Ken MayhewPenfolds Roofing & Solar was founded in 1937 under the ownership and management of the late Mr. “Penn” Penfold, whose love for people and sales allowed him to build up the company to a work force of 60. During the 1940’s and 1950’s, Penfolds was responsible for re-roofing more than half the homes in Vancouver. When Mr. Penfold passed away in 1974, the company was taken over by one of Penn’s sales personnel, Mr. Dusty Hutt. Mr. Hutt retired in 1990, at which time the company was purchased by current owner and President, Ken Mayhew.

Ken’s initial attraction to the company was the excellent reputation the company had built over the years and it’s this core value that has been integrated into the culture of the company and has enabled the company to grow as it has over the years. Ken shares the core values of his predecessors and believes that the only way to build a successful company is by building trust through integrity and quality.

Today, Penfolds employs about 150 personnel and is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, where it operates from company-owned industrial premises. In 2004, the company recognized the shortage of skilled labour on both the sales and installation sides of the company. Consequently it promoted their senior quality assurance manager, Mr. Al Van Peborgh, who had been with the company for over 30 years, to full-time Crew Training Manager. At the same time, the company promoted Mr. Larry Bieber, a senior Technical Advisor who at the time had been with Penfolds for 10 years, to Group Sales and Training Manager, a role which also oversees the company’s sales training. In 2006 the company purchased an additional industrial building that is now a dedicated Training School for both the Installers and the Technical Advisors.

Penfolds’ approach is to employ courteous and committed personnel in every area of its operations. Installers hired by Penfolds are targeted for their willingness to learn about how to do a job that they can be proud of – then we teach them how to accomplish this the Penfolds way. That means quality without compromise!

The company has also established five branch offices, all with showrooms strategically placed throughout its trading area. These Branch Offices are managed by experienced personnel who were all promoted from within.

Today Penfolds is the largest residential re-roofing company in BC and completes in excess of 1,500 projects a year.

Our success stands in evidence of our workmanship, high quality products, and service to customers.

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